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We are expanding our work and reach across 2021-2022
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We work with guest practitioners from across the industry and globe to bring to our clients the very best tuition, coaching and guidance. Thinking Actors is a UK registered independent training provider..

Our standards

We work with experienced practitioners and industry experts. We pride ourselves on the exceptional standards of our online and venue-based classes and workshops. We look for individuals or teams who are experienced/trained/knowledgeable in pedagogy, structure and  a specialism. You'll need to demonstrate resourcefulness and an understanding of how people learn. In addition to your industry experience, a background in education or training is desirable.

Our approach

We want our students to work in a positive environment that supports learning. We strive to cultivate a working atmosphere that nurtures creativity, understanding, exploration and respect. 

Interested in joining us?
If you are interested in running a workshop with us, please send us your contact information, CV and proposed workshop outline to  . Please address your email to Peter Carroll, Thinking Actors' founder and lead practitioner.
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