an exclusive collaboration with Manchester's VAudio Audio 

Thinking Actors are pleased to be collaborating with Manchester’s top voiceover, casting and voiceover production
company, VAudio Audio. www.vaudioaudio.com 

VAudio Audio Studio, Bonded Warehouse, 18 Lower Byrom Street,Manchester M3 4AP

Voiceworks is Thinking Actors' new division for voice.

We're delighted to offer 3 exclusive options for your Continued Professional Development.

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Introduction to Voiceover
11.00 am - 12.30 pm
Small group size - early booking advised.


Interested in becoming a voiceover artist?

In this practical voiceover studio based workshop Jude and Simon will:

• Give you an overview of the voice-over industry, how you can market

yourself and secure work.

• Develop your signature voice, age range and style.

• Practice microphone technique and interpret a voiceover script.

• There will be plenty of time behind the mic whilst being coached by our

experienced voice actor and producer.

• You will also receive your session as a raw unedited mp3.

No previous voiceover experience is necessary for this workshop.

Monday April 20th, 11am-12.30am

Small group size - early booking advised


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Voiceover Coaching 1-2-1

by appointment


Ready to put your voice out there and start making some money?

In this practical voiceover studio based workshop Jude and Simon will:

• Take you through a variety of personalised scripts in the booth in a
professionally directed session.

• Your performance will be recorded and you will get honest and
constructive feedback about how you could fit into the industry.
• The session will give you a true reflection of your skills and where they could take you.
• You will also receive your raw/unedited audio from the session to form part of your VO demo.
• Once you have successfully completed this workshop, you can confidently move forward to the final stage of showreel production.


This session requires you to have our previous group workshop experience or some voiceover experience.



*When purchased as a pack of 2 sessions

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Voiceover Showreel 
by appointment

Get ready to hit this exciting and abundant industry with your voiceover showreel! 

In this practical voiceover studio based workshop Jude and Simon will:

• Continue to develop your style and can confidently interpret a script under studio conditions. 

• Give you information on setting up a home studio and how to market your voice. 

• You will be provided with all scripts to suit your voice in a variety of voiceover disciplines (commercial, audiobook, E Learning). 

• When the 1 hour session is finished our producer will work to edit and fully produce your professional demo. 

• It’s then ready to share to agents, producers and for your own personal use/website to start booking those jobs. How Exciting! 


Now you have your fully produced showreel Jude and Simon can start putting you forward for Voiceover Jobs with their clients. 


Manchester - £150 1-2-1 - 60 mins 

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