Showreel Service

For Actors & Presenters
We'll film you in Ultra HD Cinema, edit, colour grade, sound mix & send


Filming service from only £260.00 per scene - including post production

Share a scene with a partner from just £130.00

We film Scenes


You can provide your own script or we can select one for you. You'll need to provide props and costumes and the final filming location selected will need to be fee free. Travel to and from location is an additional charge.

We'll radio mic you and film you in Ultra HD Cinema 24p - which simply means that you'll look and sound great!

More to offer

  • We'll meet with you before filming to discuss script, casting and location

  • On the day, we'll rehearse and coach you

  • We'll retake until it's right

  • We'll edit, colour grade and sound mix the scene

  • We'll send you a link to the file - in HD - for your casting website or for editing into an existing showreel update

  • Your completed Showreel is yours to share for promotion, social media etc.

Please note: Thinking Actors retain the rights to the footage for promotional and presentational purposes.

Don't have a suitable actor to work with you? No problem. We can help you find them!
No script? We can write a scene that's just right for you.
Interested? Email
or telephone 0161448 9850

Editing of existing footage into a showreel

We charge £80.00 for this service, creating up to  a 2'30" showreel. Contact to enquire.

We'll correct your master footage to make sure you shine at no extra cost.

Original footage vs. After our post production




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