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Team Development and Communication Workshop


How To Walk Your Talk


Workshop Leader:  Peter Carroll


Learn Valuable Public Speaking Skills


Structure, develop and deliver speech that more effectively engages, persuades and motivates.


What Will You Gain?


  • Create a more engaging and persuasive communication style that delivers impact, influence and authority

  • Adapt your personal style and tailor what you say to give people exactly what they need from you

  • Personal coaching on your style, so that you learn techniques that you can apply immediately


During This Practical Workshop You Will Learn How To…


  • Develop a more confident, conversational, free flowing style that avoids word-for-word speech 

  • Speak with passion and belief. Be invested in what you're saying

  • Improve the content of your presentation to maximise your message

  • Improve your power of persuasion and engagement using non-verbal  communication

  • Communicate with clarity and focus

  • Improve your message to deliver interesting 'Ins' and memorable 'Outs'

  • Explore media engagement though experiential learning


On-Camera Evaluation


Review and evaluate technique and identify and apply points of action via an on-camera exercise.

For corporate and education. 


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